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Hable is a platform aiming to help people who face problems related to substances and addictions. The common concept of addiction therapy is reduced to the “make the patient clean and sober” formula. We consider this approach both outdated and ineffective, basing our approach on the idea that health and functional relations are more important than sobriety.

You are not alone!

Hable provides the safe space for hundreds of anonymous support groups, where people share their experiences related to drug abuse and addictions. There you can meet people who’s experience is similar to yours, get warm support and find relieve.

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Street Drugs 101

The war on drugs failed, but its loud propaganda derived the contemporry public perception of drugs: all the substances are considered equally dangerous and equally disgusting. Read our guide to know why they are not.

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A World of Meanings

Despite a wealth of findings that psychotherapy is an effective psychological intervention, the principal mechanisms of psychotherapy change are still in debate.

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3 uplifting stories about beating opioid addiction

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Intravenous Drug Administration: Harm Reduction Guide

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You can do it! A 'growth mindset' helps us learn

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What our members talk about us

I used to be desperate and ashamed of myself after realizing my “controlled admission” became eveything but controlled. Hable got be back on track with its milfd yet systemic approach.

What an uplifting experience! I used to accept rehab was the only option but managed 100% by myself.

You are doomed to be healed here at Hable, the support of the community is outstanding and gently facilitated by the docs.

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